Capital Campaign Fund Committee needs your help!!

Want to be part of our future? Please join a team of hard-working talented parishioners devoted making our parish’s growth a reality. We are looking for talented individuals with ideas and knowhow in the areas of donor prospect identification, leading special fund raising events for businesses and high end donors, helping with organizing our database of leads, prospects and donors to join the Capital Campaign Committee.  Please join our team taking a Bold Step to Ascend Higher!  If interested to join please contact Peter Sardis at

Campaign Stakeholder:

F. Christos

Goal: State vision, provide guidance to the committee, give direction and engage in constant communication with prospective donors.

Steering Committee Chair:

P. Sardis

Goal: Define campaign strategy, organize campaign sub-committees, lead monthly meetings, manage conflict and assure clear communication to and from subcommittees.

Architecture Master Plan:

Leader – D. Kontolios, F. Christos, P. Sardis, S. Socratous

Goal:  Identify and select an architect and to oversee the Master Plan Design and development phase to assure that master plan proposal meets community needs. The team will also have the responsibility to present the proposal to the board of directors and executive board for approval.

Honorary Campaign Chairs:

Leader – G. Hristofidis, F. Christos

Goal:  Goal:  Engage all past presidents and board members to actively participate in the campaign.

Campaign Finance Committee:

Leader – M. Siderias, backup G. Hristofidis

Goal:  Manage all finances and prepare financial statements as needed.

Campaign Data and Prospect ID:

Leader – C. Kanakis, I. Georgiadis, P. Sardis

Goal: Organize donor data base, segment data and identify prospects.

Campaign Communication and Marketing:

Leader – Maria Bournias, P. Sardis

Goal:  Assure message consistency in all presentations and print communication and develop marketing campaign material as needed.

Campaign Special Events:

Leader –Akis Triantafyllopoulos, S. Socratous, L. Velis,

Goal: To organize fund raising special events in coordination with all sub-committees.

Leadership, Major Gifts:

Leader – C. Rakkou, M. Antoniou, S. Socratous, P. Sardis, F. Christos

Goal:  To spearhead initiatives and actions that will turn high end prospects to donors.

Business, Community Campaign:

Leader –  C. Rakkou, S. Socratous, P. Sardis, F. Christos, M. Antoniou

Goal: To spearhead initiatives and actions that will turn business owners and community members into prospective donors.