Greek Afternoon School

Greek Afternoon School

Our community places great emphasis on the cultivation and development of the Greek language and has remarkable teachers.  As such, we are blessed with a very advanced and accomplished Greek afternoon school with classes ranging from kindergarten through ninth grade. The school year begins in mid-September and ends the end of May.  We generally have approximately 125 attending students.  Leaders of the Greek School include the Priest, School Board, Parish Council president, Parish Council liaisons and the Greek School principal.  The School Board meets monthly to address the concerns and progress of our youth in the Greek School program.

Progress of our Greek School

  • In 2006, our Greek School expanded to the 9th Grade.  Since then, our school has a complete Junior-High Gymnasium Program with grades 7, 8 and 9.
  • In 2007, the School Board decided that graduation will be taking place at the end of 9th Grade.
  • The NY State Regents Exams are recommended to be taken at the end of the 9th Grade.
  • Students who complete the 9th Grade can also take the Ellinomathia Level I and II Exams.
  • Our goal is to give our youngsters of our community the chance to learn advanced Greek in the upper grades!  It is a privilege!

Greek Afternoon School Dance Group

Under the supervision of the PTO and  the School Board, the Greek School students participate and learn Greek traditional dances.  The students showcase what they learn during church feast day and holiday programs, as well as during our festival and community events.

Interested in registering your child for Greek School?

Contact us for registration forms by emailing or calling us at (201) 945-6448