Greek School

Greek School

Our community for many years has been operating one of the best afternoon Greek schools.  The Greek daily newspaper has twice presented lengthy articles about the wonderful school programs.  The Greek Letters Day and The Three Hierarchs.  GRADES PRE-K-9

Our Greek school is the only one in our region in New Jersey that has an educational system that serves the needs of the Greek-American community from Pre-Kindergarten to ninth grade.  Our youngsters have the opportunity to grow socially and culturally in a wonderful Hellenic-Christian environment for nine consecutive years.


Our educational program includes the teaching of Greek Language Arts (reading, writing, conversation, composition-development), History ( Greek Mythology, Ancient Greek History, Byzantine History, Modern and Contemporary Greek History); Religion (Old Testament, New Testament, Katihisi, Litourgiki, Ecclesiastical History, and parts of Sunday’s Evaggelio.  Greek dances and music after school and special Greek dance program and choir.


Ieratikos Proistamenos:   Rev. Christos Papas
President:                            Stelios Socratous
Vice President:                   Panagiotis Sardis
Secretary:                            Claudia Dounis
Principal:                             Demosthenes Triantafyllou


Ioanna Georgiades
Chris Kanakis
Dimitrios Kontolios
Stacy Pinou
Mike Siderias


PRE K      Presbytera Maria Pappas
K               Theano Kallopoulos
1st            Demetra Baltzis
2nd          Maria Zaharopoulou
3rd           Mrs. Culi
4A            Mrs. Sardis
4B           Mrs. Kyriacou
5th           Mrs. Kostaras
6th           Mrs. Tjionas (Fridays for Language),

6th          Mrs. Melis (Wednesdays for History)

7th          Demosthenis Triantafillou (Friday)
8th          Vaia Tjionas (Wednesday)
9th          D. Triantafillou  (Wednesday)


Registration starts in May with very reasonable tuition.  Please call the Ascension church office for more information.