Annual Journal

  • Annual Commemorative Journal

Every year, a commemorative journal is published for the anniversary of our parish during the late fall. The journal serves as a yearbook for our community including a summary of the organizations, pictures of events and a history of the year with all accomplishments.  It is a great way to capture and treasure our memories with our fellow parishioners and our youth!

Parishioners and local businesses can reserve space or place an advertisement in the journal wishing our church a happy anniversary. This journal especially reflects on the past year of our community with plenty of history, pictures and accomplishments of our youth and parish! We encourage everyone to reserve space in our journal for any of the follow tokens:

  • Advertise your business which will be highly viewed by hundreds of our parishioners and community
  • Respectfully memorialize a lost loved one by dedicating page space in their remembrance
  • Congratulate and offer best wishes to the church or to a church organization that is special to you
  • Give gratitude to those being honored during the church’s anniversary for exemplary service to our church


Interested in placing an ad in our annual journal?

  • Please email your requests to
  • Or call the church office 201-945-6448