P.T.O. Parents and Teachers Organization

Demosthenes Triantafillou-Greek School Principal

PTO BOARD 2022-23

Eleni Kontolios  – President
Sofia Petrakis – Vice President
Ria Antista & Marianna Tsartolia – Recording Secretaries
Alexandra Louridas – Corresponding secretary
Maria Tsesmeli – Treasurer
– Assist. treasurer


Kathy Coyle

P.T.O. Information

At the heart of our Greek School is our P.T.O. which stands for Parents Teachers Organization. This organization is composed of parents and especially mothers of schoolchildren. The role of the organization is to organize various programs for students of the Greek School and find financial resources to meet the various programs, such as the graduation dance. This organization meets the second Friday of each month in the evening.  Some of the programs include:  a) national anniversary celebration of the historic “NO” which occurred on October 28, 1940 and the Flag Day, b) events for the celebration of Christmas including caroling at homes and businesses, c) celebration of Greek Letters in early February, d) celebration of March 25, 1821, the great national day of liberation, e) graduation day in late May,  f) excursions and other educational events for students and g) Greek Dance Lessons.

Interested in joining the PTO?

Contact us for registration forms by emailing or calling the church office (201) 945-6448

You may also contact the PTO directly to join and volunteer for your child’s class